Friday, May 2, 2014

Banana Wraps

There's a possibility that I might be moving into a new snack phase with my latest discovery: banana wraps! I've seen versions of banana roll-ups and different kind of fruit wraps before so I decided to try making my own creation. My first wrap had: one low-carb wrap, small banana, PB2, and fig butter! I decided to leave it as a whole wrap and eat it like a banana taco instead of cutting it up into little roll-ups. For some reason, the banana taco appealed to me more. I also made another one last night and this time I used strawberry jelly with the PB2 and crushed some of my favorite cereal flakes to add an extra crunch and it was delicious! I think I'm gonna try using almond butter next!

This is such a simple snack to make and it would be great for breakfast too!

I love these wraps from Tumaro's. They have so many different flavors to choose from! I've also gotten whole wheat and whole grain before but I like this wrap too with the chia seeds. 

All you do is spread the PB2 and jelly then wrap up the banana! Like I said I also crushed some of my favorite cereal flakes but you could also add chocolate chips, granola, sliced almonds, or whatever crunchy toppings you have on hand! 

Roll it up so you have a banana burrito. You can also slice it up into little roll-ups but I like to leave mine as a whole wrap. 

Voila! Super easy and the perfect snack to hold me over. I think this would be great for breakfast paired with plain Greek yogurt. I'll have to try that soon!

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