Back to Basics: Let's Talk Macros
Back to Basics: Micros Matter Too
Don't Choose Macros Over Memories
Finding Your Healthy Place
Fitting Fun Foods in Your Macros
Food Catch-up: What I've Been Eating
Getting healthier wasn't a piece of cake
Guesstimating Macros: Planning Around Mystery Foods
Honesty Hour: the Loosely Tracking Thing
Honesty Hour: Taking a Step Back
I Forgot About the Ice Cream Sandwiches
IIFYM...if em? If y em? Wait, what?
New Trader Joe's Finds
S'more of everything: running, smoothies, and updates!
Start of My Cut & 2 Leg Workouts!
The Real Reason I Chose to be Healthy
Re-boosting Your Metabolism!
Top Recipe Picks for Macro Newbies
Typical Rest Day Sunday
What I've Been Eating Lately
Why I Don't Use the Word Cheat/Treat/Splurge/Junk
Why the Switch?

Reverse Dieting
Last Increase & Leg Day PR!
Reverse Dieting Updates: Week 3
Reverse Diet Updates Week 5 & More Questions Answered
Reverse Diet Update: Week 6
The "I've-Lost-Track-of-the-Week": Reverse Dieting Update

A Balanced Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!
Handling the Holidays
More Birthday Treats
More Updates: Halloween Weekend!

Dining Out

The Best Ribs Ever & Third Day!
Healthy Choices At Chipotle
My Go-to at Chipotle
Oakland Greek Food Festival
Sienna Mercato & Potted Potter

Honest-to-Goodness Balance
Weekend in Connecticut: Healthy Road Trip Snacks!

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