Monday, October 6, 2014

All Things Perfectly Pumpkin

This weekend I got to see one of my favorite people ever-- Margot! Let's all give her a warm welcome because she was joking about how she was going to be famous by being on my blog so here is your internet debut lovie! I know for a fact that she reads my blog so I know she'll see this ;) p.s. love and miss you so much <3

Anyway, she's the one who I created a secret board on Pinterest with where we could hoard all the pumpkin pins to feed our obsession. We decided that when she came home (she just started college) we'd make everything pumpkin that we could. The one small problem? We had like 100 things pinned and a tight schedule. So we settled on picking the top recipe and that ended up being this one that I found over on Parent Pretty

Yeah we probably could've come up with our own recipe but ain't nobody got time for that! In all seriousness, we just didn't want to do that so we mooched off someone else's recipe. 

Layla was also thrilled that she got to see her best friend. Margot has decided that they're BFFs but really and truly Layla does adore Margot. I couldn't resist snapping this kodak moment of the little cuties, it was too adorable to pass up. 

Also, I promised to give credit to my lovely sister Amanda for actually making the cookies. Margot helped the most in between snuggle sessions with Layla but Hannah and I got sucked into a lifetime movie. We came in during commercial breaks to supervise and also for the most important part a.k.a. once the cookie dough was ready to be "tested". Like I said I have a strict quality control policy in our house..

The original recipe makes 60 cookies but we decided to halve it. We still ended up getting 40 cookies out of the recipe though! 

The icing was really good and I loved the taste the brown sugar gave it. Margot and I were originally concerned about the amount of powdered sugar and making it too sweet but it ended up being perfect! I dug through our collection of sprinkles to find some fall ones to add the finishing touches to mine. 

Overall, I loved this recipe and the cookies definitely lived up to their "Melt-in-Your-Mouth" name! It was a great Saturday afternoon to spend time with some of my favorite people because sometimes all you need is just a relaxing day to spend with those you love. I can't wait until this weekend when I get to see my Marge again! Words can't describe how much I love that girl <3

Happy Monday everyone! 

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