Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chocolate Protein Frosty: Healthier Version of Wendy's!

My fridge doesn't have an ice maker which means we don't usually have a lot of ice cubes around unless we use the trays (which we always forget to fill up!). So, I never realized I could make this smoothie until I saw Amanda grab some ice from a bag in the freezer the other morning. 

She was holding out on me and didn't even tell me! I guess she had swiped some from my aunt's house for something else but I had no idea we had ice handy. Although she'll probably tell me that we've had it for ages and that I never properly look or that I just forgot. 

Anyway, finding the ice led me to making this smoothie! I've always wanted to try out my own version because I've seen tons of posts about copycat Wendy's frosty but only healthier. I have absolutely nothing against the original and will still gladly eat one but I needed something higher in protein after my workout the other day. 

For the smoothie you'll need: 
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
couple handfuls of ice cubes (about 6-7)

Combine everything in the blender and blend until smooth! The consistency was definitely a little thinner than the original version but it still tasted really good! I'll probably end up trying different proportions with the ice and almond milk to see what I like better. 

The smoothie made about 2 cups total which is more than this picture shows! It pretty much went to the top of the max fill line which is about 16 oz. 

Overall, the macros were much better for you-- 19g of protein, 7g carbs, and 4g fat for a single serving. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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