Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Long Run & Apple Picking!

Saturday morning before the baking extravaganza began I squeezed in my usual long run in the morning. Even though my marathon training hasn't officially began yet I'm still increasing my mileage to keep my endurance up. I'll stick to the 9-11 mile range until December when I'll start to increase according to my training plan. I do this so that when it's time to actually train I'll be less likely to injure myself.

That way it'll be easier for me to start tackling all the long runs during marathon training when I can already do 9-10 miles now without any problems. Everyone is different, though, and different things work for different people! The other reason is I honestly look forward to my long runs on Saturday so I love incorporating higher mileage already.

It was freezing on Saturday morning, 45 degrees to be exact, but I was a happy camper! It was the perfect fall morning, and ideal weather for a 9-mile run. I had to bundle up more than usual and even broke out my running gloves.

Overall, it was a great run!

Then on Sunday afternoon, we went apple picking at Triple B Farms! I had never realized you could go apple picking around here until last year my friend at work told me about it. So the three of us went there last year and then again this year. 

We had a lot of fun, and we squeezed every last apple that we could into our bag! The way it works is you pay for the size bag you want and then you're free to go into the orchards and fill it up as much as you want. So to us it's the challenge of: "how many apples can you shove into a plastic bag before it bursts and/or someone yells at you that you're taking too many apples". 

My friend and I have been watching the weather avidly to find the perfect weekend to go. It's been so warm on the weekends around here that we needed to make sure that it would be the perfectly cool autumn day when we finally went. Our patience paid off because the weather was wonderful! It was nice and chilly which meant I wore my best and fluffiest giant puffer vest. 

We also snuck a couple apples while we were out in the orchards ;) I mean how am I supposed to know which apples I want if I don't know how they taste? 

Yeah I've had fuji and honeycrisp before but you never know, they might be different out in those parts...

But really, no one ever said anything so I think it's pretty much assumed that it happens. 

The joke last year was Amanda wanted some good "action shots". As we were only pulling apples off trees, the action was pretty comparable to watching golf on television. 

So naturally I began teasing Amanda this year if she wanted some more action shots. When she started to reach for a really high up apple she excitedly yells "this could be a great action shot!" so I figured I'd be fair and give you warning because the following picture is pretty intense. 

*Reader discretion is advised*

We ended up getting fuji and honecrisp the most but also grabbed some mutsu and jonagolds. They were all delicious and perfectly ripe! Fuji has always been my favorite but they had some of the best honeycrisp apples I've ever tried.

After taking our apples back to the car (Amanda and I each had to hold a handle to keep the apples from spilling out) we shopped around the market. 

There's so much to do there plus tons of tasty food that it's a great place to bring kids! In fact, my sister and I had been there many years ago without remembering it until we came back last year. 

We ended up getting some caramel apples, peanut brittle, apple butter honey, and some fudge for my mom to take home with us. Everything is homemade and you know your money is going to support the farm so it's for a good cause! 

The market inside is adorable and filled with so many different things. There's jams, jellies, hot sauces, honey, fruit butters, almond butters, fresh vegetables, homemade pies, cookies, fudge, brittles, fruit, and cute little crafts. It really has everything! 

Our final haul of the day! Needless to say we're stocked up on apples for like the next 6 months and our fridge is overflowing with them. 

Also, there was a rigorous mandatory inspection that took place as soon as we came in the door. Nothing gets by that nebby little goon. 

All that intense action during the apple picking wore me out! I finished out the night curled up in my snuggie (go ahead and laugh) watching Harry Potter. And as always, with my favorite cuddle buddy!

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