Wednesday, February 11, 2015

White Chocolate Red Velvet Oreo Valentines

I'm betting that you've all seen social media explode with people talking about the latest thing: red velvet Oreos. Now, in no way am I trying to sound like a hater because let's be honest #Oreosforlife, but there's no denying that they're everywhere. I probably see no less than two pictures a day of red velvet Oreos as everyone is raving about these babies. 

FYI they are worth trying out. Not my favorite Oreo (original double stuff will always have my heart) but still pretty delicious! 

But, these served a great purpose and that was to continue the Valentine's Day care package that I was sending to Margot! After the granola was done, I got started on these!

White Chocolate Red Velvet Oreos.

I wanted the red velvet ones because duh they were red! That's legitimately the only reason. An extremely complex decision. Now, as for white chocolate I again picked it for the color. Nothing to do with taste or complimenting flavors, etc. don't I sound like someone full of fancy knowledge about food? I wanted white since the Valentine sprinkles would stand out more!

To make these all you need are Oreos, white chocolate chips, and sprinkles! You certainly don't have to use red velvet Oreos or white chocolate because that was just for the theme. 

I was a little upset that you totally get jipped money with these Oreos. It's like half the size of a normal package for about the same price, if not more. 

The things I do for Margot.. she's lucky I love her! :)

Apparently, my house is full of cheesy Valentine-themed things that I've never even known about. When I found these of course I had to include them! 

All I did was take about a cup of the white chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. I did it in intervals of 30 seconds and stirred in between times until the chocolate was nice and smooth. 

I dipped each Oreo until it was half-covered, and then Amanda sprinkled them! My mom used to have quite the obsession with decorative sprinkles when she made care packages for us so we have  a ton around! It paid off for us, though, because there were plenty of colorful options. 

Once the Oreos were dipped and sprinkled, I let them sit on wax paper to dry and set. I let mine sit overnight since I wasn't mailing out the package until the next morning. You certainly don't have to wait that long, just until the chocolate has hardened. 

I used the wrappers to hold the Oreos as they were the perfect size! 

For this batch I only made 10 but you can make as many as you need! They definitely don't look professional or have perfect presentation but that's the beauty of homemade. I think it's more about knowing it was made with love so I didn't want them to look store-bought. 

The final package! 

If you're wondering about how they ended up tasting, these were a hit! If you're a red velvet or Oreo fan then this is the recipe for you! 

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