Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Workouts

With all the crazy snow, slush, and ice outside right now it's been a little difficult for me to get my regular workouts in. Saturday morning it snowed about 6 inches in about an hour (on top of the snow and ice we already had) which meant I was not able to go for my usual long run or even the spinning class I had planned as my back-up!

Let's move on from talking about running because I've been pretty bummed that's been put on the back burner. I've tried doing the treadmill but as my physical therapist warned me before, it just aggravates my old shin injury. I can only run on the treadmill every once in awhile (like a few times a month for a few miles max) before my shin pain starts up again.

I'm not trying to complain about all the snow and ice at all but my point is that sometimes we have to learn to be flexible. So, I've been doing a ton of at-home workouts, Pinterest ideas, and free videos on television.

If you're snowed in like I am, here are some resources that I've found to be most useful!

***note: as usual I'm just going to state that I am NOT a personal trainer, fitness expert, or qualified in any way. This is simply a post about my own experience with workouts I have tried and enjoyed. If you are unsure of being able to perform any of the following exercises, please consult your physician***

1. Peanut Butter Fingers

As I mentioned from my last Friday Favorites post, Julie has a TON of workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room. I've tried out a bunch of hers and they're all great! It really gets your heart rate up!

2. Jillian Michaels YouTube Videos

I love a lot of her workouts because they really kick your butt! I've found some good ones of hers on Pinterest, too that aren't videos but still a workout! Here's one of her 16-minute workouts that I've done a lot and it's really challenging!

3. OnDemand Workout Videos

I have Comcast cable and with our package we have OnDemand which is full of all sorts of TV shows, movies, music videos, you name it. It's also great because they have a whole fitness section, too! So lately, I've been looking at the free ones because let's be real I'm not gonna pay $3.99 to rent a 30-minute video. I found this great kickboxing one that's really good! Even if you don't have OnDemand, I'd recommend looking at some ones on YouTube because again, it's free! And you can do it in your warm living room. I've been doing some kickboxing videos with Jill Coleman which have been really fun! You can look here on her website for some ideas.

4. Cross-Fit for Beginners

Most of the beginners workouts that I've found can be done at home. My favorite resource is over at Simply Sadie Jane with her 6 weeks workout. I'll pick some out every so often for when I need to do a workout at home! Another one that I recently found is here where there's 5 different workouts you can do at home. They're shorter, around 15 minutes so usually I just double the amount of rounds or however much I need! As always, Pinterest is a great resource for looking up any cross-fit workouts!

5. Make up your own!

This one is always fun for me because I'll take some of my favorite exercises and turn them into circuits, full-body workouts, strength + cardio, or basically whatever I feel like doing that morning! It's always fun for me because I'm doing what I like and what makes me happy.

Here are some examples of ones I've made up before. This is just a sample so for the full list check out my Fitness page!

20-minute Total Body Workout

At-Home Leg Day Workout

Mini Home Circuit Workout

Snow Day Workout

Just do whatever workouts make you happy! That's all that matters in the end :) stay warm my friends! 

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