Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I finally got to run OUTSIDE!

So I just got back from a lovely three-day weekend, and feel very much refreshed! Sometimes it's great to just plan out a mental health day especially since I'm going to have a next couple of busy weeks at work. But what I was most excited about this weekend was that I got to run outside! Oh, and that we have another doggie in the house :) except unfortunately that's not permanent. We're just watching a friend's dog! 

His name is Denver and he's made an appearance before on here since we watch him probably a couple times a year. This time he's staying for two whole weeks! Which will more than likely turn into three but I have no complaints because he's a sweetie! And a lab which happen to be my favoriteeee! Shhhh don't tell Layla. 

Ok, back to running since this post is called how I got to run outside and not "how I'm a crazy dog lady: evidence #3,098". 

It was definitely still cold Saturday morning but the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky! The sidewalks and roads seemed to be finally clear so I knew there was no way I was NOT going to not take advantage of that. Single digit degrees be darned! I was going to run outside!

And I did and it was glorious and the best 45 minutes of my weekend! That is honestly how excited I was to be able to run outside and in the sunshine! I just doubled up on the under armor, had on extra socks and gloves, and I was one happy runner. 

It really didn't seem that cold once I got started, and the sun warmed me up. I will admit it was a little rough in the beginning because I have kind of a cold so the congestion was a little hard to deal with especially once the cold air started to loosen things up even more and there was just a lot going on sinus-wise (TMI? oh well I think we're at that point together now).

I didn't plan out a specific mileage but decided to just kinda run wherever I felt like. I planned on doing about 45 minutes because I figured that would ease me back in nicely, and prevent me from turning into a complete popsicle. It was the perfect amount of time spent running! 

On Sunday there was once again another blizzard that then turned into another ice storm sooo there went my plans for running outside the rest of this week! I'm not going to let it get me down but rather just focus on making up more indoor workouts! 

I watched the snow safely from inside with a cup of hot chocolate to stay cozy! 

Then, Denver arrived on Monday morning! Amanda had spent the weekend visiting her friend, and then brought him back with her so he could stay with us. Layla was over the moon to see him as I knew she would because she loves everyone! Amanda and I joke around that Denver is the male version of Layla but it's so true! They're both so laid-back, friendly, playful and sweet! 

I love Denver but I told Amanda that if he's staying with us for that long then we're going to have to do a sort of "doggie boot camp" because he's a little rough around the edges training-wise. I'm not claiming Layla is perfectly behaved or anything but I am pretty proud of how well she does for only being a little over a year old. Denver is nearly 4 but there are a few things that I'll be working on with him while he's staying with us. He's not badly behaved at all there are just certain areas that he could use a touch more discipline and consistency. Just small stuff that I usually take for granted in Layla since she's already learned it. 

I also had to share this video because Layla can be such a nut sometimes! Her and Denver had been playing most of the afternoon so he was trying to take a break but Layla was having none of that! She kept jumping around him in circles trying to get him to play with her again. I couldn't help but laugh because she's such a goofball! 

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