Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finally Getting Back to Running!

My mood has been off the charts this week and being able to run outside on a regular basis probably has to do with most of that! I have missed being able to run so much that it was like an ache, call me dramatic but I truly love it that much!

The ice is officially (hopefully) gone which means I'm free to run until my leggies give out, and I'm taking full advantage of that. I was actually talking to my coworker earlier as we were walking back to the office about the battle I'm currently having. The weather is GORGEOUS right now, clear with not a cloud in the sky, sunny, and a crisp 45-50 degrees. Now that's my kinda weather! It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. Anyone seen 'Miss Congeniality'? If so, you know the reference I'm making!

Okay back to my point but I really, really, reallyyyy want to go for a run today but I already ran Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday plus I'm planning on going tomorrow and then a tester long run on Saturday (trying for a minimum of 10). I know that I need to make up some miles from the past couple weeks for marathon training but I also know not to jump back into it too quickly.

Today is supposed to be my scheduled rest day but it's really hard listening to logic right now when I just want to soak up all this lovely weather! I'll be honest, I know myself and I'll eventually listen to my better sense but for the time being it's going to be a struggle. In the end I know that taking it easy and skipping an extra run today is better than potentially injuring myself in the future and not being able to run at all.

I can't remember if I shared this on here or not but I was experiencing some pretty uncomfortable pain in my left foot that I've never, ever had before. It started probably in December and I got concerned because it really started to limit me to less than 10 miles. Shin and knee pain I know what it means and I know how to fix it but never my foot. It worked out that I couldn't run with all the ice because I think my foot needed some rest. So far it's been good this week which is the main reason I want to ease back in to running. My long run on Saturday will hopefully give me a better idea about what's going on with my foot! Before I had to struggle to get over 8 miles which is no bueno for a marathon!

Amanda and I have decided that we're just going to give it our best shot over the next 7 weeks (eeee that sounds so close!) with making up the lost miles and see what happens on the marathon day! I realize that may not sound the smartest/best plan to most people but hey I want to do a marathon and there's no time like the present! I signed up for that bad boy, and I fully intend to run it unless my legs fall off or something.

Okay, so on the nutrition end of things I still have not been fully tracking. I plug some things in every day but then life happens and things change. I'm loving it, and I feel even more free than when I was doing macros. Don't get me wrong, I'll always be grateful for the freedom IIFYM gave me but I'm on to the next chapter in my life!

I figured I would share a couple of the meals I've been eating this past week!

The other great thing about this time of year? Fruits are coming back in season! I'm a fruit/veggie nut so I get really excited when my favorites start coming back in season. Amanda picked up some strawberries and other fruits at Aldi's this week, and as soon as I saw those strawberries I knew what must be done...

It's my second favorite oatmeal recipe so I was in heaven when I saw the ripe strawberries that Amanda found! I made this for breakfast at work this week, and topped it off with some stevia for added sweetness. Along with my coffee it was the perfect start to my day! 

On Monday night, Amanda made ground turkey meatballs in the crock pot that were delicious! She found a Paleo gluten-free recipe I think on Pinterest. I'll see if I can find the link for you guys because I was a big fan of the recipe. We also steamed some broccoli to serve the meatballs over. It was a great low-carb option that was packed with protein! 

Yesterday I did an easy 5 miles with the sun still out even after 5pm! It was fantastic but also really throwing me off at the same time. I kept feeling like it was only 3 or 3:30 and even when I got back after 5:30 I wasn't too hungry for dinner at first. It was almost like my body didn't think it was time for dinner yet since it was still too light out haha! Is there actually any science backing that up? I'm curious. 

Even though I wasn't actually super hungry, I knew my muscles needed some post-recovery fuel. Brinner was on the menu (it happens like twice a week at least haha) so I whipped myself up an egg white veggie scramble. This one had cauliflower and spinach mixed in, it was exactly what I needed after my run! 

I've also still been on my Jodi Picoult kick and pretty much just reading all of her books (I blame my friend at work haha!). I never knew there were so many! I picked up The Tenth Circle this week, and literally finished it in less than 3 days. So far I've read: My Sister's Keeper, Nineteen Minutes, Plain Truth, Leaving Time, Vanishing Acts, House Rules, and The Storyteller which was definitely my favorite out of them all so far. For those of you who are big fans of her, which one do you recommend next?! 

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