Friday, August 1, 2014

Impromptu Parfait

Okay two very important things: 
1. it's Friday
2. I made a wonderful discovery at work the other morning

I have a greek yogurt every mid-morning as a snack to hold me over between breakfast and lunch. I don't think my coworkers would appreciate me getting hangry so it's crucial that I don't skip my snack. Same thing goes for in the afternoon but let's not get off track. 

It's normal for me to keep healthy foods around the office to keep me on track but a thought occurred to me as I realized what I had on hand: greek yogurt, an apple, and a granola bar. It slowly dawned on me what I could create and make my usual snack 15,000,000% better. 

I don't know why this hasn't occurred to me before but even though I've got packing my lunch down to a science, often times I can be bad at pre-planning what I want to keep at the office. What I do have in my office is usually the result of forgetting to bring stuff home, packing extra, or is something that I like but my coworkers didn't and gave to me. It's a random jumble but I want to get better at keeping stuff here. That may or may not happen but I'm going to try! 

So what I did was chop up my apple, add it to my yogurt, and take a piece of the granola bar and crumble it up on top. I saved a lot of it because I had big plans for it for the next couple days. 

My parfait had: 
6 oz plain greek yogurt (with stevia to sweeten it) but you could also use vanilla yogurt
1 small fuji apple
1/2 of Nature Valley granola bar

It was a total of 200 calories for the whole thing plus being loaded with protein from the greek yogurt and granola bar. Like I said I only used a half of one of the granola bar (one pack has 2 bars) but it gave the perfect amount of crunch! 

I didn't have an apple the next day but I still took the other half and added it to my yogurt that morning! I still have the second granola bar from the pack so I'll see what else I can use it for. 

What's something good you've made last minute?!

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