Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quads and Quest Bars

I came home yesterday to the best box ever! Hint: it says Quest along the side and is filled with the yummiest protein bars ever. 

I hit the Cyber Monday sales last week and by that I mean I just ordered a lot of Quest bars, and that's about all. But the important thing is that I ordered the new S'mores flavor because I mean who doesn't think that sounds amazing? And it is. Oh boy it is amazing! 

I have been anxiously waiting for my order to get here, and I quickly became overly excited to see them sitting on the banister when I got home. I was planning on going straight into my work-out but I got seriously side-tracked once I saw that beautiful box. I didn't even take off my jacket or boots, I just ripped it open and pulled out one of the S'mores one. 

The only smidge of self-control that I showed is I took about 30 seconds to rearrange my macros to fit that little beauty in and then dug in!

I am completely in love and they are my new favorite flavor, hands down! And check out those chunks!

Okay, so now on to the workout part. Monday is always quads for me and right now I rotate through four different sets of workouts each week. The lovely Katie developed my plan for me :) The day is always the same (i.e. Monday is always quads, Tuesday is shoulders etc.) but the workouts are a little different each week and then when I get through all four weeks, I start over with week 1 again! This is important because of muscle memory so it keeps my muscles guessing, and it keeps things interesting for me.

Every few weeks, though, I'll switch it up and do high reps, lower weights instead of the usual super heavy weights with lower reps. Don't be fooled, though, it doesn't mean I take it easy during my workout!

Your muscles can still develop and grow even if you do light weights with more reps, just as long as you're reaching failure just like with heavier weights. I was able to do this workout at home so I got a little creative with some of the substitutions. If you have a set of dumbbells and some stairs then you can do this at home too!

The other reason I like doing a day like this is that it really allows me to focus on form and making sure that I'm really getting it and concentrating on the mind-muscle connection! So make sure to go really slow and focus on engaging those quads. Often times I have to be careful because my glutes will want to take over, especially with squats so be mindful of that.

4x25 squats (get lowwww-- work on form and going past parallel!)
4x20 stiff-legged deadlifts SS dumbbell step-ups (up and down the staircase 3 times)
4x40 static lunges (20 per leg) SS 50 stair jumps
4x40 bulgarian split squats (20 per leg, 8 sets total)
3x20 jumping squats SS 10 jumping lunges with holding light weight on shoulders (this will burn!!)
3 1-minute wall sits

*SS means super set

For the stairs, the staircase in my house is about 15 steps so in between each set of deadlifts I went up and down the whole thing 3 times before doing the next set of deadlifts. The same thing with the stair jumps, instead of doing 10 box jumps like I normally do I just did 50 jumps on the stair since it was a lot shorter. I did it continuously, though, kind of like a bunny hop up on the stair then back down then right back up again. I wanted to keep my heart rate high! The order doesn't matter much but I wanted to keep the wall sits at the end because that will really ensure you get a burn and reach failure on them because my quads were pretty fatigued at that point!

Also, on the bulgarian split squats it's not exactly a super set but I like to do each leg back-to-back continuously so it's almost like a super set in that I'm not taking a break. I just did 20 on one leg then did 20 on the other and kept going until I did 4 sets of 40 total or basically 8 sets of 20. Sorry if that seemed confusing!

The whole thing took me a little over an hour and my quads were shaking and on fire by the end!

Now all I have to do is just distract myself from eating all the S'mores Quest bars...

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