Monday, December 29, 2014

The Holiday Gift Exchange

So this is something that I've heard of before and always wanted to put it into practice but never followed through. It's a pretty simple idea but I love that it gives back to others. 

Here's what you do: 

That's exactly what I did this year the day after Christmas. I counted everything I got and did an even exchange. I have a ton of clothes that I don't really need all of them so that's mainly what I went through. I figured it was practical since people are always in need of clothes, and it also gets me to trim down my wardrobe a bit. 

I made sure not to cheat, either! I didn't just pick clothes that I didn't like to make it easier for me. I honestly went through everything, and decided that what people need this time of year are warmer things. So I donated some sweaters, a pair of new snow boots since I got another for Christmas, gloves, and some sweatshirts. I also donated some t-shirts and tank tops but I tried my best to make it fair. 

Sure, there are a lot of things that I don't really wear anymore so I put those in the pile but there were a few things that Amanda even said "are you sure you want to donate this? you mean you never wear this?". And I told her that I did wear them but it was more about the fact that someone else might need it, too. 

I take it for granted much of the time that I have access to all the clothes I would need, and that I'm able to afford enough. I have to remind myself that it's not always the case for other families. 

It doesn't have to be clothes, either! It could be toys, non-perishable food, books, electronics, anything! I think this could be a fun idea to involve the whole family to get creative, and teach kids a valuable lesson. 

So, if you're up for it, I challenge you to do the holiday gift exchange! For every present that you got over the holidays, give something else in return. I think it's a great way to put things into perspective because then you're forced to really consider which things you actually need in your life. 

If you end up doing it, post a picture of your donations on Instagram and tag me or comment below on this post!

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