Saturday, December 6, 2014

PB&J Oats

If I could pick a favorite meal of the day it will always be breakfast. I love everything and anything to do with breakfast foods. So much that I often will have breakfast for dinner. 

The past three days I have had breakfast for dinner every night and it's mainly because we haven't had a chance to eat together as a family like we normally do. We were all sort of on our own and when that is the case, 99.9% of the time I will make a breakfast food. I actually look forward to nights where I fend for myself for dinner because then I get to have breakfast! 

So yesterday I decided to have peanut butter and jelly oatmeal with a side of protein pancakes (all about dat carb life). I'll admit I might have saved a good chunk of my carbs just so I could have this heavenly spread of carbs for brinner. I have no regrets.

The oats were simple: I just added stevia, peanut butter, and strawberry jelly!

You can add however much PB and jelly you want, I just did a tablespoon of each since that was what fit my macros. I also used 1/2 cup of oats, and the ratios were perfect!

It's not the prettiest bowl of oats but I was not going for points for presentation at allll. 

I used honey-roasted peanut butter for mine and you can learn how to make that here!

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