Monday, September 29, 2014

S'more of everything: running, smoothies, and updates!

I have very important news to share. Over the weekend I got my hands on Jif whips S'mores. I was so excited to get it that I ate it straight out of the container with a spoon. I have no shame and no regrets about it. After all, if it fits your macros :)

Bottom line: it was delicious and I've been fitting it in with everything for the past three days. Saturday morning I made a smoothie before my long run and yep, you guessed it, I added the s'mores!

This smoothie had:
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 tbsp Jif Whips S'mores
whipped cream for topping (optional, except let's be honest is it really?)

We have most of our fall decorations out so I decided to use them as a little backdrop for the smoothie photos! I have been feeling very fall-y lately with all this beautiful weather. 

I love this "Be Thankful" sign my mom and I found at the craft store this year. We keep it in our dining room and it's a great reminder! 

As it was Saturday morning, I got to sleep in until 7 so I had much more time to actually digest and appreciate my pre-workout shake. I know that 7 doesn't sound like sleeping in to a lot of people but since I get up at 5 during the week, 7 means an extra two hours! I don't even have to set an alarm, I'm just up naturally by that time. If I ever sleep past 8 (extremely rare) I panic and feel like the day is wasted! 

So I like to take my time and just wake up and appreciate the quiet morning. I'll drink my shake, have some water, maybe have some coffee, and watch Food Network as I allow my body to wake up and catch up with me. It's my Saturday morning ritual and I always look forward to it! I also spend a good chunk of it playing with this little angel! She got some new toys last week which she's been really excited about and loves bringing them over to me to play.

After settling in and having a relaxing morning, I set out for my run at about 8:30. Usually I'm out the door between 8-8:30 depending on how I feel. And of course, I had the best guys ever to keep me company! Side note: I still listen to their album on repeat, I can't help it. 

I ended up running 10 miles because I honestly felt great and didn't want to waste such a wonderful opportunity. I think you all can relate that some days you have killer workouts and others you don't. It's a fact of life so I like to take advantage of it when I'm having a good one! I was hoping that I'd be able to do 10 but if I wasn't having the best run I was perfectly happy to only do 8 miles. 

It turns out it was a great run and I wanted to keep going when I hit 8 so I went for the full 10! I was also really pleased with my time. My ultimate PR for 10 miles is an hour and 24 minutes so I was really excited that I shaved 2 minutes off. 

I made my all-time favorite protein pancakes from Katie's Fit Script afterwards! I'm not gonna lie, knowing I get to have pancakes at the end always motivates me to run a little extra :) 

Surprise, surprise, as I was making my pancakes someone brought a toy in to play...

After lunch and putting together the chili, Amanda and I headed up to my aunt's house for the afternoon to visit. She lives right around the corner from us but we hadn't been over in awhile so we wanted to go catch up. We ended up helping her putter around the garden but I mostly just played with the chickens. I was supervising the work if anyone asked...

My aunt's dog, Lola, is actually Layla's half sister even though Lola is 5 years older. Layla absolutely adores Lola but Lola pretty much just thinks Layla is an annoying little sister, which she definitely is! But Layla loves going to visit and hang out with her big sister, although "big" is a loose term now that Layla is bigger than Lola. 

She also happens to love hanging out with these two goons as well! They're my youngest cousins who are twins, if you couldn't tell ;) 

When we got home, I did some experimenting of my own. Not going to give anything away but it might have something to do with being inspired by the s'mores peanut butter...

I finished out the day with some blogging and as always, I had some company! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! 

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