Tuesday, January 27, 2015

With this record-breaking snowstorm I haven't been able to run either yesterday morning or today. I could technically go the gym and run on the treadmill but I avoid those things like the plague. Sure it can be frustrating that my running plan is a little out of whack but I have little complaints because I like the snow!

There's someone else who's having a ball with all this snow as well. She's a 70-pound fluffball and wants to be outside con.stant.ly! It turns out Layla is great at helping shoveling the walk, too. And by helping I mean she runs around the yard in sheer bliss, kicking up all the snow back on to the sidewalk that I already shoveled off. I guess that's what I get for not using a leash with her but she has so much fun that I can't hold it against her even if I tried. 

I clearly talk way too much about my dog so I'll get back to the reason why you clicked on this post! I've decided to just do whatever the heck I feel like this week whether that be running in a foot and a half of snow, lifting, or piecing together random at-home workouts. 

This morning I opted for the random workout! 

I'll do my best to remember exactly what I did because honestly I just said to myself "What do you feel like doing?" so I went from one move to the other based off my favorites! It was actually really fun and a nice break from the structured workouts that I often do. In fact this is part of a bigger change that I'm making but I'm working on that in another post!

Okay so here's what I did (from what I can remember ha)

100 high knees
10 spider push-ups
100 jump ropes
10 ab rollers
100 mountain climbers
50 russian twists
25 kettle bell swings
20 leg raises
20 jumping lunges
12 double arm rows
1 minute sprint in place
10 ab rollers
25 jump squats (get lowwww! butt should almost touch the ground)
20 bicep cross body curls (10 per arm)
20 jumping lunges
12 lateral raises
15 burpees
20 dead lifts (lighter weight)
1 minute plank
50 jumping jacks
30 bowling lunges (15 per leg)
100 high knees
25 jump squats
25 kettle bell swings

I really like alternating weights with cardio moves. I think it allows my body to recover better so I don't feel like I need to take breaks. Personally, I find back-to-back HIIT moves way too draining especially with longer workouts so I like to add in weights in between. I'm still working out with the weights but my heart rate gets to lower at least a little before going up again with the next cardio move! Plus, I think it keeps your muscles guessing :) I'm a big believer in muscle memory. Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit!

This part of the workout took me about 20-25 minutes but I paired it with another 10-minute circuit that I made up this morning as well. I'm working on getting that up now!

I love that sight :) stay safe out there little snow bunnies! 

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