Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do What Makes YOU Happy

I hate that I have to post this but it's something that has really been bothering me lately. I just feel that so often now it seems like people are bashing one type of fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. and it's really getting old. 

Simply put: different things work for different people. 

I'm so tired of seeing fitness pages on Instagram where someone will say "Get off the treadmill girls and lift some weights." 

And then I'm like "....but I like running." 

If we want to get down to labels then sure try to call me a "cardio bunny" but you know what? I like cardio. I like to run. I like to take spinning classes. Yes, I like cardio so I do a lot of cardio. 

You know what else? I like to lift, too! It doesn't have to be one or the other! 

It's just when I see posts such as that where #fitchicks start bashing cardio or eating chicken and veggies or "bro science" I'm just like really? Can't we all just be NICE?! 

Some people may not like lifting, and maybe they like eating a lot of lean protein and veggies. Yeah, I liked IIFYM and it was a great lifestyle for me. But guess what? It's not the only lifestyle. It's not the only option, and that's something I understand and respect. Something that works for me isn't always what's going to work for someone else. 

Not to sound like that one girl in Mean Girls but seriously sometimes I wish I could just bake us all a cake made out of rainbows and smiles so we could all eat it and we'd all be happy. Maybe I'm super naive but I really and truly just wish that people could be nice to each other. I know the chances of everyone being nice are slim but that doesn't mean we can't just try.

I've seen the bashing go both ways. Clean eaters saying IIFYM is killing your insides, IIFYM laughing at clean eaters eating veggies while they chow down on doughnuts. Gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, microbiome, no lifestyle is safe. It seems as though everyone is bashing everyone else's fitness or nutrition. And I'm 100% done with all the negativity.

Like I said I loved macros and it worked really well for me, and I'll tell people about it but I'm not going to force them to count macros, too. For some IIFYM can be liberating but to others counting macros is a prison. It depends on the individual, and I completely and totally respect that. If someone comes to me about my opinion of macros I will of course honestly give my experience of it but I won't turn around and tell them it's the only route they can go.

I often get asked about how much cardio I do, and the answer is I do a lot of cardio. Because I love to run! I've said it before but if you had to make me choose between being a "lifter" and a "runner" I would tell you that running makes me happier. I don't think that's wrong at all, but I also don't think we need to fit into neat little fitness boxes. In fact it can bother me when I'm expected to pick one or the other. I'm a runner who lifts or a lifter who runs. It's not all black-and-white. To me fitness is fitness. Whatever that means to each person.

Fitness should not be about aesthetics but about athletics. I run because I do it out of passion, and not that it will make me look a certain way. The same goes for lifting, spinning, cross-training, or whatever workout I might be doing. I do it because I want to, it challenges me, and simply because I love it.

So if someone tries to rain on your fitness/nutrition parade, don't pay any attention to them. If it makes you happy, if it works for you then by all means stick with it. The beauty of this life is our individuality, and no two people are the same. Just like no two fitness regimes or nutrition plans will work the same for two people. Everyone is different and has different interests or what works for them, and that's something to celebrate!

The end message of this ramble is that there is no single right route to health and balance because everyone has a different body. Everyone is SO different that it's just not practical or possible.  So find what works for you, what makes you happy, and hold on to it regardless of what other people might be shoving in your face.

If it makes you happy, gets you out of bed in the morning, something you look forward to then go for it!


  1. AMEN! I love every single thing about this and I wish that everyone would read this because the hate is totally ridiculous. Fitness is different for everyone and everyone should be encouraging each other to reach our goals instead of tearing each other down. You said it so perfectly and such a perfect read!

  2. Aw thanks for the support girlie! You're so sweet! When I was writing it I was hoping it wouldn't come off as too negative or like a giant rant but I felt like I needed to get it out there anyway! It can just get so discouraging especially on social media when people keep tearing each other down that I got to a point where I had it, and wanted to post this. Hope you're doing well!!!