Saturday, April 11, 2015

Strawberry Parfait & a Morning Hike

Good morning everyone! I've had quite the productive morning and it's not even lunch yet! I love weekend mornings like that. I can never sleep in (i.e. past 7am) so I'm always up early.

So this morning I could no longer ignore the itch to run. I've been taking it very, very easy on my foot and trying to do other workouts like yoga, pilates, and spinning but I can't stay away from running for that long. My back is feeling much better too, and I was able to do a HIIT workout yesterday morning with zero pain! I'll post the circuit I did later on.

Anyway, back to this morning! I did 3 easy miles and it was just what I needed! I planned on doing 2 but once I got out there, there was just no stopping me. I felt great so I kept going, and it ended up being the perfect run.

I had plans to meet up with my cousin Hannah to go to the woods by our house with the dogs to hike. So I made a quick post-run strawberry parfait, and it hit the spot! We had plenty of fresh fruits left over from the crepes I made yesterday (I'll get that recipe up soon) so I took full advantage of that. 

This strawberry parfait had: 
1 container of strawberry greek yogurt (I used Oikos)
couple of diced strawberries
handful of blueberries
1/4 cup cereal

Oikos is always a great yogurt option that I like because it uses stevia to sweeten it, and doesn't use any artificial sweeteners. I mostly just use plain Chobani but Sam's club has a box of Oikos for pretty cheap and I like having small containers of yogurt on hand! It's always a great option for a snack on the go or throwing something quick together like this parfait. 

Around 10am, Hannah and I headed up to the woods with Layla and Lola (Layla's half-sister). My other cousins, Ben and the twins, came too! Layla of course was in heaven because she loves playing with the twins. I joke around about them being the same age since they're 8 and if you're going with dog years then Layla is technically 7 haha! As soon as we got to the woods and the twins were running up ahead on the trail, Layla was just itching to run around with them. She does really well off the leash so as soon as she was free she took off to be with them! 

It was a gorgeous day! The kind where it's almost a crime to stay indoors and not enjoy it. We hiked around on the trails, and I knew it was going to happen but Layla made a beeline for the creek as soon as she saw it. She absolutely loves the water! 

Layla got completely wet and filthy so I walked her home since it was beautiful out. The temperature was perfect! "Not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket." 

Once we got home, the first order of business was to get Layla cleaned up! I don't mind at all because she's super easy to bathe plus she had such a ball running around in the creek and woods. It was worth it to see her so happy! Layla has a lot of thick fur which can take awhile to clean but she's really good about just standing there in the tub while I wash her. She hopped right in when I told her to and stood there until I finished. I swear this dog will do anything as long as she gets to be with her people haha! The little weirdo even loves going to the vet because there are more friends there for her to meet! The best thing about the hike this morning is she's completely crashed out now. Her head is passed out on my lap even now as I type this and I doubt she'll be much more active for the rest of the day..

Now I'm off to make some lunch, work on a couple other posts, and do some writing!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! :)

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