Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baked Cookies 'n Cream Doughnuts

Some of you may remember my Vanilla Bean Doughnuts that I posted ages ago, like really does it seem like it was way back in June?! Anyway, I was in the mood to bake something yesterday and I finally decided on making those doughnuts again. Then as I was nearly finished with the batter, my mind randomly drifted to the mini Oreos in the pantry and a light bulb went off! 


I got really excited because cookies 'n cream is my favorite flavor of anything so I was curious to see how these would turn out. They did not disappoint!

So, start out with the regular base of the vanilla doughuts except you don't have to add the cinnamon. I accidentally did since I was not originally planning on adding the Oreos but the taste still came out fine. It's up to you if you want to add the cinnamon to the batter but I would not recommend adding it to the glaze. Luckily, I already knew at the point I made the glaze that they would be cookies 'n cream so I was able to leave the cinnamon out! 

Once you have the base mixture ready to go, crush up 10 mini Oreos to add into the batter. You'll also want to add another tablespoon of almond milk since the addition of the Oreos will dry up the mixture a bit. 

You can add as many Oreos as you want but I found that 10 was a good number! If you decide to add more than that, you'll probably have to add more almond milk to the batter again. I crushed the Oreos for the batter up pretty finely because I didn't want to be giant chunks throughout the doughnuts. The ones that I used for the topping, I left as bigger pieces!

My little baking assistant was very attentive as usual! It's possible that one or two Oreos uh "accidentally" found their way to the floor...

I don't let her beg but she does know that if it falls on the ground, it goes to the hound. It's like having a little vacuum cleaner pick up after me wherever I go :)

This recipe still only made 6 just like the original, and I baked them at 325 for about 11 minutes. While the doughnuts were baking I made the glaze which was just 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp powdered sugar, 2 tsp almond milk, and 1 tsp of vanilla. I also crushed up another 6 mini Oreos to sprinkle on as toppings! 

Let me tell you, the finished product was absolutely delicious! My mom inhaled hers in about 2.5 seconds, and I had to agree with her when she said they were incredible. In my opinion, definitely a step up from just the plain vanilla ones!

Enjoy :)

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