Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Snow Day Workout!

Okay so I'm totally laughing at myself because I forgot to look up the official term for one of the moves in this workout. I made a note in my phone to track my workout from Wednesday morning so that I could actually share the whole thing with you guys. I wrote it as I went along making up the workout and for the one move I couldn't think of what it was actually called so I told myself that I'd look it up later and fix it. 

Except I didn't. And I already put the pictures all together and edited them so there's just no going back now. What I really mean is that I'm just too lazy to go back and fix it. 

And I also still don't know the right name. That's my other excuse. 

Sooo yeah, I call them "shoulder plank thingies" but something tells me that's not the proper name...

Anyway, all you do is you start in a plank then go down to your forearms (still in a plank position) one arm at a time then back up again to your hands so that you're in the traditional plank. Then, you just repeat and go back down to your forearms. Anyone know what I'm talking about?? I always call them shoulder plank thingies because it's meant to target your shoulders as well. So that's how they got that name from me! 

If that made zero sense to you and you have no idea what I'm talking about then feel free to just substitute that exercise for another one! Also, can anyone explain to me why every single time I type a number followed by mountain that it underlines it in yellow? 

I totally sound like a grandma asking her grandkids for tech help right now but it's the story of my life. But when I click on it my phone keeps asking me if I want to create an event about the 100 mountains. Am I supposed to go climb all those mountains? Are other people supposed to come if it's an event? Is this like a mountain party? What is Siri trying to tell me?! 

Moving on from the mysteries of my phone, here's the workout that I did the other morning! 

I did this workout following my other snow day workout that I made up on Tuesday morning. At first my abs did not seem as sore as I thought they were from doing the ab roller the day before. So, I figured I'd add in some ab rollers during this workout. 

Well, needless to say but they were VERY sore and as soon as I did the first rep this was pretty much my reaction... 

It was pretty brutal but I stuck with it until I got to 10 and then collapsed for a few seconds while I allowed my abs to recover. I then decided to take it easier on the abs for the rest of the workout, and leave out the ab roller! 

I went through with as little breaks as possible and the whole thing took me a little over 30 minutes to complete! The key is to go nice and slow during the reps to make sure you're hitting the proper form to really work those muscles! 

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