Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Strawberry & Almond Butter Wrap

In a classic Sam move, I was packing my lunch the other night, and decided to try something random. Amanda was in the kitchen when I started and her comment was: "that looks....interesting", and I told her well it's either gonna turn out awesome or I'm gonna need a back-up plan for lunch tomorrow. 

Considering that I'm posting about this I think you can take a good guess that it turned out a success! I won't even mention how many random things I've thrown together that haven't made it to the blog. Too many to count ha! 

The thought occurred to me as I was standing in front of the fridge and trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch. I suddenly got the weirdest cravings for crepes, and then my eyes landed on two things: wraps and fresh strawberries. And then a light bulb went off in my head! 

What if I made a wrap for lunch mimicking a crepe?! Sounded good to me so I decided to go for it! 

Besides, I couldn't pass up a chance to use these strawberries! I love that everything is coming in season, not to mention the drop in prices of fresh produce. These guys were perfectly ripe and sweet! 

These are one of my favorite brands of wraps. I can usually only find them at the one grocery store near my house but it's so much more expensive than Trader Joe's that I hardly ever go. I usually only go there in case of emergencies like for one or two ingredients on the fly so this past weekend when I was there I decided to pick up these! 

Strawberries and almond butter are one of my favorite combinations! For crepes I always use a hazelnut spread but we were out, and I wanted almond butter anyway. It was freshly homemade so of course I couldn't pass it up! I make it just like the honey roasted peanut butter in the food processor or our ninja blender. For almond butter, I like the dry roasted and 50% less salt almonds from Trader Joe's, comes out perfectly every time! 

So for the wrap here's what I used: 
1 wrap
2 tsp almond butter
1 1/2 tbsp plain greek yogurt
1 packet stevia
1 cup strawberries

I started out with the layer of almond butter, and then put the greek yogurt on top of it. I wanted the greek yogurt to be in place of whipped cream that you would find in a crepe, and this is where Amanda commented "interesting" since we weren't sure if the wrap would get soggy or not overnight. Not to worry, though, it was perfect the next day! Actually I think it worked out better since everything sort of came together while sitting in the fridge. Or what the food experts would say "marry" which I just think is a funny word when talking about food haha. 

I sprinkled the stevia over the greek yogurt to sweeten it up a bit before topping it off with the strawberries! 

The finished product! I have one today for lunch, too, and I can't wait! The next five hours cannot pass by quickly enough. 

What's a recipe that you've thrown together last-minute?

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